BambooMusic Alexa Skill

Learn music theory with your Alexa device, whether you are taking music lessons, or just want to learn more about music.

  • LISTEN to children's songs and classical pieces and complete exercises to learn about notes, instruments, scales, dynamics, chords, tempo, and intervals.
  • ANSWER level 1 basic questions such as whether notes are going up or down. Advanced levels help you identify tempo: Allegro, Adagio, Moderato, and dynamics: Forte, Piano, Crescendo, and Diminuendo.
  • EARN a Master Conductor Badge by identifying clarinet, harp, cymbals, cello, and other instruments. 
  • HAVE FUN competing with family and friends as you collect badges and move up to new levels.


"Alexa, enable Bamboo Music"
The most wonderful thing is that Bamboo Music really got my daughters excited to actually learn how to play an instrument, and this year, they enrolled in ukulele and piano lessons. And now, they’ve continued to use Bamboo as part of their music curriculum. As a teacher myself, it’s awesome to see that Bamboo knows and keeps track of what each member of my family is learning, and makes the questions harder as they reach new levels.

-- Shayle Emerson, mother of three and high school science teacher, Kingston, Massachusetts

 Jack Frierson from Brooklyn, New York studied Jazz Performance at The New School in New York City.

Jack Frierson from Brooklyn, New York studied Jazz Performance at The New School in New York City.

Feedback on Bamboo Music from Jack Frierson, a jazz musician from Brooklyn, New York.
Listen to Jack use Bamboo Music. He does such a great job, he even earns a Pianissimo Badge!


After this 8 year old tried Bamboo Music, she liked it so much and she learned so much, she decided to take piano lessons!





Watch this 6 year Old Try Bamboo Music


Feedback on Bamboo Music from a 6 Year Old

(Listen carefully to see which instrument she decided to learn after playing with Bamboo Music.)




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